Pop popped fizz fizzed

Ken had to fast from ten o'clock the night before his twelve noon  doctor appointment on Saturday.  He thought my suggestion of packing a lunch was a great idea but never mentioned he put a can of soda in the freezer for a quick chill.  I him made a sandwich, wrapped it up, then packed it and a can of cold soda (from the fridge) with one of those blue reusable freezer packs. I never even saw the can of soda he put in the freezer. 

After his appointment, on his way to pick me up from home, Ken enjoyed his lunch and because it was so hot he especially enjoyed the  cold soda.  Not realizing that there had been any soda in the fridge, he concluded the freezer pack had made and kept he soda cold.  

As we were on our way to see a movie, he made a point to complimented me for thinking of using the freezer pack- 
these little appreciations makes me so happy. 

We went to the movies, had dinner at Gail's where we met her three month old granddaughter, Mary.

On the ride home we agreed we had a great day and to resist the tempation to get ice cream just because it was over ninety degress at nine o'clock at night.  
Ken took the now warm ice pack with him and went into the house first. At first I wondered why he would leave the freezer door open when he put the icepack back. Then I saw the top of a soda can sitting in a sticky puddle on the floor. 

I am not sure when the can exploded in the freezer but it was long enough for most of the food in the freezer to thaw. 

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