Here's why I said what I did...

I haven't blogged in a while. Yesterday, after helping my friend, Ruth, build her her first blog I felt like getting back into the game; I posted something I wrote a while ago.

The name of Ruth's blog is called "Second Helpings" which is also the name of her new business and in the spirit of the day I named my post Second Helpings. Really, that was more like leftovers than a second helping.

Anyway, while we were laughing and working I mentioned how much I liked inspiring others into their greatness and said I was going to start a group, Ladies who Launch. Today, Ruth sent me the link for that group, someone else thought of that first. Oh well. I will use another idea: Out to Launch.

Out to Launch is the name of my new blog dedicated to inspiring people into their futures.

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Second Helping - Personal Chef Service said...

you are the best "launcher"...so insightful....so helpful! xo