A Heroine is Born

Nick Kristof’s Op-Ed column in the NY Times this morning gripped me.
The totality of problems of Pakistani women make my head spin
The graphic description of Ashrafi Akbar’s ripped vaginal wall and the seepage of her bodily fluids was just sickening. The magnitude of problems is daunting: Ashrafi's horrible circumstances; Dr Shershah’s seemingly endless mission.
And yet, what grips me is hope.

I am reminded of Joseph Campbell:

“All of the great mythologies and much of the mythic story-telling of the world are from the male point of view. When I was writing The Hero with a Thousand Faces and wanted to bring female heroes in, I had to go to the fairy tales. These were told by children, you know, and you get a different perspective. It was the men who got involved in spinning most of the great myths. The women were too busy; they had too damn much to do to sit around thinking about stories."

Ashrafi is a true hero and this isn’t any fairy tale!

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