Boot Camps for Bratty Teens in New Jersey

This report is incomplete and although the information following has not been confirmed I am posting it for your feedback...it is meant as a joke.....

There are several camps for teens in New Jersey, but currently there are no openings at the boot camps for bratty teens. Sources are not confirmed, those who supplied information did so with the agreement that they would remain anonymous. Boot camps became trendy when Paris Hilton started wearing Uggs with a bikini. This prompted a new development in summer camps. Teens wanted boot camps. Sleep away and day boot camps started to spring up. Some of the most popular were those who partnered with cell phone carriers. In an effort to reach the teen customer an un named cell phone carrier was said to have considered offering slouched minutes instead of rolled over, but that plan never progressed pass the planning stage.

The sources say that boot camps for bratty teens are having difficulty surviving in this current economic climate; and they are being phased out. Parents are just not able to afford camp tuition and to continue to supply their teens with the expensive boots the bratty teens were demanding. These sources suggest that females are more demanding and require multiple colors and styles of boots. They would rather stay home then go to camp without what they want. Male teens are reported to require fewer pairs of boots at a time; typically just one pair. However the expense is not significantly lower (1) because shoe size in male teens frequently changes; and according to legendary shoe expert, Buster Brown, their feet can grow one shoe size overnight. (2) In addition, male teens often loose their boots. When asked how and where they loose their boots, they unanimously answered, “I dun no” Males, at first glance, may seem less bratty, but it is only because they are nonverbal

.To be continued...

1. How much does a teenager cost these days? By Ida Modder. Article waiting to be published in the premier issue of What Were We Thinking magazine due out sometime before 2020.
2. Buster Brown. A boy with a dog and a foot in a shoe, circa 1965.

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