Things that make think hmmm...

It's eleven minutes after the hour.  I am noting that because I just finished watching an interesting YouTube video.  I can't recall the name, but it was an interview, ADHD coach Jeff Copper talking to neuropsychologist David Nowell, PhD  about collecting data for time management.

I thought it was great and wanted to make a comment saying so but I couldn't figure out how to do that.  Really.  I couldn't just write, "That was great, Jeff!  I can really relate..." NO. I couldn't figure out how to post a comment.ADHDumb

Plus, I wanted to talk about the woman who was 45 minutes late and my experience in situations described (http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=g-user-u&v=G0gEY_n9yuk

I, like others with ADHD have a hard time getting to the point;  have difficulty editing.  In what seems like a split second, as I recall the events leading up to arriving late to an appointment, I  also realize there are  too many variables to share; and just as I start thinking, I should NOT say anything,  I hear me broadcasting  the tail end of the story. ADHD

When the emotion of embarrassment floods my midbrain, I am temporarily unable to recall anything beyond what immediately proceeded my arrival.  Even though I know the elevator to the second floor might not have made me 45 minutes late, I am truly, temporarily without any other explanation.  ADHappensD

I  struggle with these kinds of blips;  but I choose to accept them.   I accept them, the blips, because they are the type of snag that grows if  not tended to ...If I resist, it persists.  I don't want to add to my list of woes.

So, I wanted to write a comment. ADHAhaha.

I really thought I could write a comment but then I saw there was no picture of me on my YouTube account.  Let me just fix that. How do you do that, I wondered?  I went to the dashboard of my own blog, AND came across a post about my ADHD experience with time.  I should ask Jeff, my imaginary new BFF, to read it.    

It's 51 minutes after the hour.  I am noting that it took my 50 minutes to ramble.  I am not editing. Just now I decided that in addition to being an exercise in collecting data about my use of time, it also served some other purpose that I can't recall.  ADHDuh.

Where does the time go? Collect the data.

Nine minutes later, just a tweak or too.  Didn't edit  the wordiness.  ADHDone! 

NB just took 14 more minutes for clever...looks like  a blog post takes more than an hour for me.  

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