Web Running

When I first met my husband Ken, he told me about a woman he had once dated. She always remembered his birthday, wrote poetry about how she felt about him then and now. Sometimes, I think, she made him nervous. He didn’t know what to make of her or her behavior. He was her first love, you see. I identified with that. I told him not to worry; she was only working stuff out.


I did the same thing when I was so unhappy in my first marriage. I created a place in my mind that was built on the memories that were the result of feelings that were attached to a person who happened to be my first love. That place in my mind was a lifeline sometimes.

It hasn’t happened in so many years that I actually forgot about it. Then, a week or so ago, I had one of those vivid dreams—one of those dreams that seem so real. I got scared, but not scared enough to fend off the temptation that technology dangled in front of that dream’s devil. The dangerous undertow of the World Wide Web pulled and a hasty message was released to the hungry Internet.

Friending your first love on Face Book–not a good idea.
Thinking "If I forget it, it didn't happen" - kidding yourself.
The "I didn’t mean to ask for your friendship” e-mail - thoughtless.

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