How I think, I think.

Sometimes when what I write sounds good, I think I am all that!

But mostly, I think to myself, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

I have a ubiquitous internal critic that gets in my way; it tries to anticipate external criticism and avoid it by scolding me first. A few sentences ago, I wrote ‘I think to myself’. My critic immediately chided me:

“You can only think to yourself; whom else would you think to?

Now delete that ‘to myself’ in the previous sentence!”

I am easily distracted. I know I often seem tangential because I think much faster than I than speak, much less type. I do recognize it though. I'll give you an example of how I can distract myself-- in the previous paragraph, my reaction to that internal critic which was, " Does anyone really say 'whom' anymore?"

Do they?

Do you?

Let me know.

Brilliant Blithers and Blathers by Beth Battinelli

Random bits of information that I accept as true; re-arranged to fit into my own schema.
In other words, I make stuff up.

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