No Reservations

I woke up this morning feeling so rested, and still sated from the wonderful meal Ken and I had last night. We went out for dinner last night. It was a brilliant way to start the week. We have been trying to eat more simply lately, prepare more food at home. We re-purposed our “take out” money-the money we usually spend on rushed weekday nights when neither of us wants to cook- and spent it in one night out at our favorite restaurant, Stage Left.

It was a perfect summer evening and we dined in the outdoor cafe. Mother Nature supplied the ingredients for the first course: an amuse les sens. Varieties of variegated coleus, potato vines, and petunias; reflections of the setting sun filled our sight and our spirits. Flower boxes chock full of summertime memories and expectation screened us from passers by who surely were also pleased.

A peppery nasturtium smiled up from the middle of the chowder, a temptress to the crisp corn and sweet crab in liquid velvet. Grass- feed, wood -grilled beef was like butta in my mouth. And a nicely chilled bottle of Gavi went surprisingly well with both of our meals. For dessert, we shared the sample of four sorbets and four ice creams. They were so yummy! Ken said the mint ice cream made him feel like he was walking through a mint garden--he loved that mint ice cream. I loved the elderberry, the chocolate, and the raspberry sorbets. I loved them all.

Yup. I sure did!

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